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About us

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As a brickie in Canberra, Tom knows first-hand how frustrating it can be having to source the right products from multiple suppliers (most of whom don’t have any experience in the trade). So he established Castle Construction Supplies as one-stop shop to help local builders and bricklayers save time and money.

Castle Construction Supplies is the only supply company in Canberra specialising in brick and block work materials. We source quality products from around Australia, specifically designed for masonry.

We can measure your plans, determine the correct materials for your specific job and deliver to site.

With our extensive experience in Canberra’s construction industry, we have a range of contacts and can help connect you with bricklayers and other tradespeople.

From bricks to sand to ties and everything in between, Castle Construction Supplies is your one-stop brickwork shop!

Let us take the hassle out of setting up your next job, contact us today.

Castle Construction Supplies Canberra masonry
Castle Construction Supplies Canberra brick and block supplies

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